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The story behind the NED Exchange

The NED Exchange was formed in 1999 by Ray Fox following his experiences trying to finding a non executive directorship. He explains the story behind the NEDExchange below.

“Holding a non executive directorship can have many benefits. From a personal perspective, I have held a number of non executive directorships. From 1987 – 1994, I was the Company Secretary and Legal Director of Dun & Bradstreet. I have also been a Director of a Professional Institute, a Director of a Canadian Leisure Complex, a UK Go-Karting Company and a Director of an Irish Finance House. For me, this was not only financially rewarding but incredibly beneficial to my career and business contacts.

“When I began looking for ways to promote myself as a non executive director, I approached ProNed, GroNed and the Institute of Directors. They all focused on the client company, and did little to help me find the right non executive directorship.

“To me, there seemed to be a very real need for an organization to act on the behalf of the individual to promote their interests as a prospective non executive director. Hence, the NEDExchange was born.”

Raymond Fox, B.Sc.,FCIS.
Managing Director.