Books about non executive directors

There are several titles available about the role of non executive directors in the modern boardroom. The below titles are amongst the best-selling titles on the subject at Amazon UK, and can be purchase via the below links.

Non-Executive Directors: A Guide for Small and Medium Size EnterprisesNon-Executive Directors: A Guide for Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Rupert Merson
Profile Books
Paperback – July 2, 2003

Approx. £5.49

This paper back is written especially for SMEs (small to medium size enterprises) looking to utilise a non executive director. It focuses on providing practical advice for the SME looking to benefit from a non executive director and avoid the mistakes many companies make.

Role of the Non-executive Director in the Small to Medium Sized BusinessesRole of the Non-executive Director in the Small to Medium Sized Businesses

John Smithson
Palgrave Macmillan
Hardcover 176 pages (November 28, 2003)

Approx. £50.00

This text examines what the role and input of non executive directors should be, and who should fulfill the role. It covers both the theory and the actual practice of being a NED, and examines common issues including how individuals can have full time jobs and work as non executive directors.

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Books about corporate governance

Corporate GovernanceCorporate Governance

Robert A.G. Monks / Nell Minow
Blackwell Publishing
Paperback 584 pages (October 2003)

Approx. £29.99

This text provides an overview of the main issues facing managers, boards of directors, investors and shareholders in corporate governance. As well as a survery of the history, the myth and the reality of corporate governance, this new edition includes: analysis of the latest cases of corporate disaster; an overview of corporate governance guidelines and codes of practice in developing and emerging markets; and a look at new cases including Arthur Andersen, Tyco Laboratories and Worldcom.

Corporate Governance and Chairmanship: A Personal ViewCorporate Governance and Accountability

J Solomon / Aris Solomon
John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Paperback 318 pages (December 12, 2003)

Approx. £17.47

An up-to-date summary of both theory and practice in corproate governance. Includes a full discussion of corporate governance issues, drawing on the extensive and original research carried out by the authors, demonstrating the close relationship between academic research and professional practice. Contains contemporary illustrations and case studies, including a chapter on to the collapse of Enron.

Corporate Governance and AccountabilityCorporate Governance and Chairmanship: A Personal View

Adrian Cadbury
Oxford University Press
Hardcover 280 pages (October 2002)

Approx. £19.99

A practical guide to the way companies should be run by a former Chairman of Cadbury Schweppes. Adrian Cadbury covers the two interrelated themes of corporate governance and chairmanship. He explains how corporate governance has influenced the structure and management of businesses and other types of organization. The book has been described as “…no better primer for a FTSE-100 chairman. A much needed primer too” by the chairman of 3i, Sarah Hogg.

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