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The story behind the NED Exchange

The NED Exchange was founded in 1999 by Ray Fox following his experiences trying to find a non-executive directorship.  His legacy is to continue to help other people.  He explains his own story behind the NED Exchange below.

“Holding a non-executive directorship can have many benefits. From a personal perspective, I have held a number of non-executive directorships. From 1987 – 1994, I was the Company Secretary and Legal Director of Dun & Bradstreet. I have also been a Director of a Professional Institute, a Director of a Canadian Leisure Complex, a UK Go-Karting Company and a Director of an Irish Finance House. For me, this was not only financially rewarding but incredibly beneficial to my career and business contacts.

When I began looking for ways to promote myself as a non-executive director, I approached ProNed, GroNed and the Institute of Directors. They all focused on the client company and did little to help me find the right non-executive directorship.

To me, there seemed to be a very real need for an organization to act on the behalf of the individual to promote their interests as a prospective non- executive director.  Hence, the NED Exchange was born.”

Raymond Fox, B.Sc., FCIS.
Managing Director

1953 – 2022