How we can help you find a non executive directors job

We work to promote you as a non-executive director by sending out a continual (but non-obtrusive) stream of adverts and mailshots about the NEDExchange and it’s members, to capture the attention of companies looking to recruit non executive directors. This is done both online and offline, including making use of the business contacts the NEDExchange and its founder have built up over time in UK industry. We target companies in all business sectors.

We keep details of all our members in a database. When an enquiry is received from a company, often as a result of our promotional work, we use the database to match individuals up to the right company. We also act on behalf of individual companies recruiting non executive directors.

In this way we remove the hassle of looking for non executive directorship from you, and keep the cost of membership of the NEDExchange down by using this database.

Regardless of the industry you have experience in, there are companies who are looking for your skills, experience and contacts. The tragedy is that so many potential NEDs will miss out on the opportunity, career development and financial benefits that a non-executive director can bring. Unless an opportunity just happens to fall into your lap, you need to give some thought as to just how you are going to find the non-executive directors opportunities that would excite and fulfil you.

There is no “right time” to become a non executive director. You might be in your middle to late thirties and be within a whisker of being appointed to your own company’s board. On the other hand you might already be in your forties or fifties and on the board of your company. You might be in your sixties and approaching retirement. The only “right time” is “now”.

To learn how to join The NEDExchange, and about the free membership of the World Money £xchange we are offering new NEDExchange members, just call 01494 483728 or email