Resources on the Higgs Report

The Higgs Report was setup by the DTI in the wake of the Enron scandal to investigate and report on the role of non executive directors in corporate governance. The below links cover the report itself, which was published in January 2003, and related news pieces. These provide a background to the report and reactions to it.

DTI pages on The Higgs Report (the report PDF)

These pages include the report itself, recommendations for non executive directors and chairman, as well as the government’s response.

DTI guidance for chairman about corporate governance and non executive directors.

BBC News: New rules to stop boardroom abuse

An article from the day the report was published, with quotes from Derek Higgs.

BBC News: Chairmen attack post-Enron reforms

News of a CBI survey that details how many company chairmen are opposed to the key recommendations of the Higgs report. From March 2003.

Telegraph: Outsider who tops the alternative list

Article about governemnt efforts to find 100 examples of ‘non-traditional’ non executive directors, following on from the report.

Telegraph: Gent hits at ‘flawed’ Higgs

Vodafone’s former chief executive, attacked the Higgs’ report in March 2004 as “flawed” and subject to a “one-size-fits-all approach”.

Investors could kill off smaller companies – – Kevin Reed

Brief news piece about a survey that suggest non executive directors are spending so much time meeting the perceived needs of corporate governance that they aren’t able to fulfill their primary role – helping business managers and owners run the business.